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Audrey Horne: 18-year-old high school student. Twin Peaks resident. Aspiring FBI agent. ♥ Dale Cooper's Girl Friday ♥
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"maybe you should slip coop another letter -- this time letting him know that the age of consent is 16 in the state of washington, hhhehehe."

That’s not a bad idea. I mean, it is the law, and Dale loves the law, so…

"Remember when we were married on Facebook?"

My memory seems to be a bit fuzzy, but I’m sure it was beautiful! Plus, it’s always nice to know that someone wants to marry you (*hint-hint*). 

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"Love your blog and everything it stands for LOL"

Thank you so much! A girl never tires of hearing from admirers. 

Andy Warhol would have loved me! 

Andy Warhol would have loved me! 

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